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‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello…

Last I posted here was the 28th of March…!! I didn’t realise how long it has actually been!!

For anyone’s information I stopped posting as I got further into the academic semester, as I began to fall behind on my notes and assignments. Seeing as one of my NYE resolutions was to really give this year a good go and try and get it as right as possible, I decided that if I had time to write here in my blog then I had time to write lecture summaries and experiment reports.

It was, however, very worth it to do so. My exams and major assessments came and went with no major dramas, and i’m looking forward to results coming out next Monday as I am comfortable with my efforts in all my subjects this semester.

As I am always wont to do when the workload builds up slightly, I began to look for an outlet for my procrastinatory nature. Before this year my workload would severely freak me out and I would seek refuge in Video Games, trading out my stressful life for my characters extraordinary adventures. Unfortunately, I do recognise that I get absorbed in these games and this takes a significant amount of time that I would otherwise dedicate to study. So again, trying to get it all right and everything, I resolved not to seek refuge in pointless video games with no significant material outcome. I realised that no one cares if I completed 100% of the silly little ‘click’ game on my phone, or if my character in Skyrim owns three houses and is the Jarl of every hold. It. Does. Not. Matter. Not in the slightest. So I looked for other outlets for my creativity (procrastination).

And I discovered it in my knitting. I’ve been knitting on and off since year 7, which was approximately 9 years ago. In that 9 years, however, I was incapable of making anything that wasn’t rectangular. I was excellent at scarves… but I don’t really wear scarves. I made my dad a ‘Doctor Who’ Scarf, but it was long and slightly tiresome, and I couldn’t just go around handing out 100 foot scarves to randoms just because I had them lying about. So, I sought to try something new. I looked up a tutorial on how to make a really easy beanie. I found one on youtube, which was great for me because I learn best through observation and subsequent imitation, and that evening I went out and bought a circular knitting needle and some thick-knit wool. Cost me a max of $25 AUS. The next day, between my planned two hour long study sessions, I would sit with my needles and my video and work. The first beanie took me two days, and I traded it to my housemate for a sample of his craft (a bracelet made of metal rings). The second beanie took me an evening, and I have it in my backpack for cold days. The third was commissioned by a close friend in a baby blue colour, and It took me less than 4 hours. The fourth commissioned by a third friend in a sunset colour mix, and it took me no more than two hours max.

So having accomplished my goal of learning something new and expanding my knitting repertoire, I began to look at the ultimate challenge (In my eyes). I looked at making a jumper. I had all the necessary equipment (save for the wool) and the knowhow (I thought).

I did finish that jumper. Today. It took me approximately a month, interspersed with life commitments and other hobby projects once uni ended. Unfortunately, the jumper was a tragic attempt. The neck line was dotted with holes due to a reading error on my part and my attempted remedy, the sleeves are about a foot and a half too long, and the body section enormous on my partner, who modelled it for me. I followed the instructions for a Adult XL, but it came out looking like at least a XXL if not several ‘X’s’ larger.

Despite this, I am not discouraged!! Okay, that’s a lie. I am a little discouraged. But not enough to stop me. I am determined. I am not diving straight into a jumper again though, that’s for sure!! 😀

What I am going to look for is a pattern for a cat jumper, commissioned by my partner (who loves that cat more than he does me, i’m sure of it!). I’ve got some purple ‘pre-patterned’ wool in my enormous wool bag, so if i can find a style I like, that will be my next project!

Will hopefully keep you more updated now!!

Poss xx