Possom's Corner

Two Steps Forward…

The 10 Commandments (plus two)

So I’ve finally taken the time to sit down and write out my commandments… and then I remembered two more, as is always the way. They’re written on an A4 page that is stuck up just inside my bedroom door so it’s one of the first things I see in the morning. I was going to put a picture up but some of the colours are being weird in the camera (I wrote it colourful to make me smile) so i’ll just write them out here!

Today I will TRY to:

Be better than yesterdays me

Remember that personal hygiene is a thing!
(Remember to brush teeth and shower)

Do something Academic

Do something Physical

Do something Creative

Do something Kind

Dress to Impress

Eat Healthily

Drink Lots of Water

Do something that makes me uncomfortable

Read for 30 mins before bed

Meditate for 15 minutes every morning

The road is long and hard, but you CAN do it! I BELIEVE that you can!

The last two are the ones I remembered after writing out the page, but that’s okay. Your commandments might be different, of course, as everyone struggles differently. The personal hygiene one is a big one, as when I get down I tend to neglect it and after two or three days of having not had a shower or brushed my teeth at all I feel gross, which just makes me feel worse! Whenever I notice myself getting down I try and force myself into the shower. It doesn’t always happen… yesterday I was carried into the bathroom and pushed into the shower, much to my annoyance, and it did help.

Doing something uncomfortable is also going to be a big one… i’m pushing to try and combat my anxiety, which is a very tough road. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to call the insurance company and get a green slip for my car for about three days now… I hate phone calls.

I’m not great at the meditating… I listen to guided meditations on youtube, and they’re generally quite good. with the anxiety, it’s very difficult to clear my mind and not think about anything, but I do feel like they help get me in a good mood in the morning. I try and meditate before I do anything technological. I used to wake up and get straight onto facebook. Now I try and meditate before I grab my phone or use the computer, to focus on me before I get overwhelmed with the world.

Every day i’m going to try and go through the list and tell you guys how I coped today and what i’m going to TRY and do better tomorrow.

Catch you guys soon!

Poss xx