Possom's Corner

Two Steps Forward…

Productive Day!

Today was a good day for work… though tired, due to a 6am start, I managed to not only remain productive all day, but I didn’t buy any food for myself either!! Though I must admit, I’m looking forward to beef stew when I get home!!

Starting with a two hour lecture at 8am (ew) that went until 10, I then spent an hour reading through and making notes on an online tutorial. Then another lecture 11-1pm, and then nothing up until 6pm. So I heated up my lunch and sat down and got to work! I made a list of things I needed to remember to do, and tried my best to prioritise it in regards to when things are due, and then picked something and started it. I got through two and a bit of the things on my list, over the space of about 3 or 4 solid hours of work (I’m not sure how long I spent eating lunch). Then class at 6pm, which I pushed through to get it done while still understanding how to get to the answers and asking questions when there was something that needed clarification. I breezed through most of it (I’m good with computers) and hurried off to woolies to get chicken and broccoli to make lunch tomorrow for the next few days. Took the underground tunnel towards central station as I wanted to check if a book store was open, because they sell cheap-as-chips exercise books, and to my amazement they were! $3 later, and I am the proud owner of a 192 page exercise book so I hurry off towards the station, and though my arms are starting to hurt from my heavy folder and a bag of chicken, I make it to the platform with 4 minutes to spare before the limited stops train!! And, thinking it was about 8:30-ish when I was leaving class, I sit on the train writing this at 7:45pm, which means when I get home, I’ll have time to sort out the washing from two days ago (oops…), eat some dinner and get to bed for a good night’s sleep!

Someone was smiling on me today…! I hope this productivity lasts a little longer, because it’s a great feeling! Tomorrow is going to be a bit tough, I need to run in the morning, cook lunch, I have a volunteer shift and I’d love to get some study in before class on Thursday…. However my ‘day off’ usually seems to be the most unproductive of the lot, and when I have my mental breakdowns, so I’m really hoping a good night’s sleep will combat that!!

Here’s Hoping…