Possom's Corner

Two Steps Forward…

An Apple A Day?

So the previous post was mainly just to outline where i’ve been for almost two months, and what i’ve been up to. However, I was so busy ranting and raving about my knitting prowess (not) that I didn’t mention how my health is going at all… so that’s what this post is aimed at, though no doubt I’ll swerve a bit off track like always.

Lets start with physical health. I’m doing okay. I started the Ketogenic Diet, or Keto for short, exactly 12 months ago today. I have dropped two sizes in my upper body, and i’m working towards my goal of being a size 12 AUS in my lower body as well (which is the hard bit for us pear shaped types). I’m super keen for this, as being a size 12 is one of my goals! Unfortunately, I am apparently not keen enough!! After my last weigh in (and a super awful cheat day) I resolved that I would need to get back into exercising now that uni was well and truly finished. That did not go to plan. The first day I kept my resolution and went to the gym. My muscles then hurt so much the next WEEK that I couldn’t do anything else! Then this past week we’ve had my kind-of not quite sister-in-law (My partner’s little sister) to stay with us for a week and I just could not muster the enthusiasm to get up and out while she was here.

I’ve also become slightly addicted to sugar free soft drinks and chocolate. I discovered them about a week and a bit ago, and I can’t seem to stop eating them! It’s getting to the point I’ll need to ask someone for help, it’s ridiculous!

I had a weigh-in today, and though I’ve lost a cm or two in some places I also gained a cm or two in some places and I know I can do better…from tomorrow on i’m going running!! Every day. In the morning. Hand on Heart.

Regarding my Mental health… I was doing really well!! Looking back, I was much less stressed and anxious during exams than I have ever been before. Unfortunately, I seem to be slipping back into the cracks, being pulled gently back by my shadows and demons. Several nights ago I had an extremely bad panic attack two nights in a row, culminating in me whispering (while in floods of tears) “Please help me” because I was so afraid. Kudos to my sleeping partner, he immediately woke to that whisper and held me while I sobbed. What gets me though is that I dont know why. I dont know why I was so afraid! I dont know why I was panicking so much… It’s incredibly frustrating. However, I have a suspicion that it may be linked to the surprising amounts of sugar-free chocolate and coke Zero i’ve managed to consume recently.

SO. What is my plan to deal with these things? Well on Saturday I am heading down the coast to stay with my parents for two weeks. I plan to use these two weeks to detox off my ‘sugar-free snacks’. I also plan to run every morning (hopefully with my mum) around their suburb and really burn as much fat off as I can by my next weigh-in.

I must be honest. I am proud when I look in the mirror (for the most part). I look much healthier and fitter than I have in a long, long time. However, I must recognise that my weightloss is plateauing and I need to start pushing again to keep dropping the weight.

BUT I can do it!! I KNOW I can 🙂

Catch you soon!!

Poss xx